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Impact (REF3a/b)

4 - Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

King's College London

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Individual case studies

01: Developing a new treatment: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis (71K)

02: New supervised dosing prevents methadone overdose deaths (46K)

03: Improving mental health in the UK Armed Forces and other “at risk” organisations (135K)

04: Improving mental health services for people experiencing domestic violence (55K)

05: Improving treatment for personality disorders (51K)

06: Improving quality of life for people with dementia through early diagnosis and intervention (54K)

08: Nationwide dissemination of evidence-based parenting programmes that reduce antisocial behaviour in children (75K)

09: Maudsley family therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa (56K)

10: Early effective treatment of bulimic eating disorders through self-care interventions (55K)

11: Mental health consequences of deployment and overstretch in the UK Armed Forces (54K)

12: Increasing public awareness of Cannabis use and psychosis (54K)

13: Stroke Units: Research driven excellence in quality stroke care (51K)

14: Preventing heroin overdose deaths with take-home emergency naloxone (73K)

15: Opening up the opportunities for stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases (56K)

16: An evidence based skills training intervention for carers of people with eating disorders improves care (55K)

17: International dissemination of best practice in standardised needs assessment (53K)

18: Enhancing clinical management of non-motor symptom burden in Parkinson's Disease (54K)

19: Supervised injectable 'medical' heroin reduces street heroin use and improves health of previously treatment-resistant heroin addicts (57K)

20: Reducing mental health stigma across England (56K)

21: Improved Mental Health Assessments for Children in Local Authority Care (47K)

22: Improved evaluation and treatment outcome for chronic fatigue syndrome (116K)

23: Family intervention for psychosis (50K)

24: Genetic testing for motor neurone disease improves diagnosis and care (56K)

25: Brief interventions reduce risky behaviour of returning military personnel (63K)